A performance inspired by the relationships between the psychological figures animus and anima, from the point of view of the woman. The relationships between these archetypal figures are explored in the search for understanding of their possibilities of integration in the individual psyche, and the impacts of the latter on the interpersonal relationships of the individual.

Created for the opening of the 5th Festival Dança Ourinhos, a professional dance festival held in Ourinhos, São Paulo State, Brazil.

Premiere on November 11, 2010, at Salão Aior FAPI, in Ourinhos, Brazil.


Concept and choreography: Simone Camargo

Performers: Adriana Frederico, Aline Cestari, Bárbara Arantes, Christian Casarin, Elian Keterin, Iris Mantovani and Priscila Paulino

Musical excerpts: Calexico, Moby, Nitin Sawhney, Pink Floyd, René Aubry and U2

Lighting: Marlon Laís

Costumes: Emília Nascimento