Esta Pele

Starting from the consideration of the human being as an integral part of the surrounding environment, Esta Pele was conceived in the search of breaking the illusion of separation between the individual, society and nature. The conflict between the possibilities of individual manifestation and belonging to a group, and more broadly to a whole, served as a motor for the creation, which counted with the collaboration of the dancers.

Created with the Ourinhos Cia de Dança, on the occasion of the opening of the 7th Dança Ourinhos Festival, a professional dance festival held in Ourinhos, São Paulo State, Brazil.

Premiere on November 8, 2012, at Teatro Municipal de Ourinhos, Brazil.

Esta Pele

Concept: Simone Camargo

Choreography: Simone Camargo, with the collaboration of the dancers.

Performers: Otávio Augusto, Luiz Barbosa, Felipe Cardoso, Mariana Correa, Rogerio Cruz, Jhonata Felipe, Nathália Fernandes, Grazi Gomes, Elian Keterin, Lidyane Kitagawa, Odara Nogueira, Priscila Paulino, Janaína Pereira, Danielle Rodrigues

Musical extracts: Amon Tobim, Cujo, Massive Attack and René Aubry.

Assistant of choreography: Henrique Lima

Light designer: Marlon Laís

Costumes: Emília Nascimento