The teleperformance Immediações was created as part of the teleperformance training workshop, given by the Italian researcher and artist Armando Menicacci, during the 7th International Dance Biennial of Ceará - Brazil.

An artistic action that is born from the meeting of the languages of the scenic arts with those of the moving images, hybridizing them, introducing two distinct objects, one live and the other recorded.

Imediações was presented on March 9 and 10, 2021, at 9 pm (GMT-3), on the Biennial's YouTube channel.


Teleperformance initiated by Armando Menicacci

Creation and interpretation:

Felipe Bolcont - Canavieiras, Brazil
Simone Camargo - Grenoble, France
Janahina Cavalcante - Salvador, Brazil
Thiago de Araujo Costa - Goiânia, Brazil
Ariadne Felipe - Santos, Brazil
Sarah Ferreira - Florianópolis, Brazil
Aspásia Mariana - Fortaleza, Brazil
Armando Menicacci - Montreal, Canada
Paula Matthews - São Paulo, Brazil
Hudson Renato - Vitória, Brazil
Alba Vieira - Viçosa, Brazil

Music: Edvan Monteiro - Santos, Brazil and Hudson Renato - Vitória, Brazil

Artistic Advisor: Nicolas Berzi - Montreal, Canada

Assistant : Aspasia Mariana - Fortaleza, Brazil