Emoções Baratas

Musical theater show originally created in 1988 by a partnership between São Paulo musicians George Freire and Guga Stroeter and director José Possi Neto.

José Possi Neto's motivation came in 1977, when he visited a jazz club in Boston, USA. "It was in a basement, a cellar... There were a lot of people. Everyone was black. The music was fantastic and exciting, the energy of the audience captivating and sensual. But something puzzled me: how can you vibrate to this music and sit at the tables, WITHOUT DANCING? I stood there admiring the scene and an idea came to me: - one day I want to do a show with this atmosphere, but the audience will be taken by the music and will jump on the tables and dance!"

After 11 years, Emoções Baratas was born. Possi says that at the time, he heard the HEARTBREAKERS perform 48 Duke Ellington songs live. "In the beginning, I worked for four weeks only with the musicians. I edited song by song, adapting them to the show, and thus created the musical script before I began working with the dancers."

The show was created and presented in the language of dance theater and is the result of performance labs, in which musicians, dancers and singers were carefully prepared bodily and theatrically to construct a jazz musical theater outside of any previously established model.

Successful with the public and critics since its creation in 1988, it was revived in 2010 and was presented at Estudio Emme, in São Paulo, from August to December of the same year.

Emoções Baratas

Script and direction: José Possi Neto
Musical direction: Guga Stroeter
Choreographer: José Possi Neto
Rehearsal team: Vanessa Guillen and Wilson Aguiar
Set design: Jean Pierre Tortil
Costumes: Fabio Namatame
Lighting design: Wagner FreireDancers: Ana Luisa Seelaender, Ivi Mesquita, Janaina Zuba, Kauê Ribeiro, Leandro dos Anjos, Lucimar Castro, Rafael Machado, Roberto Alencar and Simone Camargo
Singers: Bibba Chuqui, Karin Hils and Estela Cassilatti

The Heartbrakers Orchestra :

Vibraphone: Guga Stroeter
Drums: Luis Andre Gigante
Bass: Gustavo Boni
Trumpet: Gê Ribeiro
Baritone Sax: Anderson Quevedo
Piano : Pepe Cisneros
Alto Saxophone : Ivan de Andrade
Tenor sax : Jorge Cirilo
Trombone and guitar : Emiliano Sampaio

Photos: Luiz Tripolli, Clarissa Lambert and Eduardo Sardinha
Graphic project: Laburdza
Production Direction: Andrea Francez, Priscila Prade and José Possi Neto
Executive Production and Administration: Renata Stavalle
Production assistant: Nevio Akira

Heartbrakers Production: Gleice Uchino
Direction: Stage Direction Produções Artísticas e Super Amigos ProduçõesSound Technician: Luiz Eduardo Correia
Lighting technician: Marcelo Tosta
Legal advisors: Andrea Francez and Wanda Alonso